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solidDB300x100.jpgUNICOM solidDB

UNICOM solidDB is an in-memory database optimized for extreme speed and extreme availability.

Press Release: UNICOM® Global Acquires solidDB® from IBM® Corp.

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UNICOM solidDB® delivers extreme speed as a persistent, relational in-memory database that meets performance and reliability demands of real-time applications.

solidDB is known worldwide for delivering data with extreme speed. There are more than 3,000,000 deployments of solidDB in telecommunications networks, enterprise applications, and embedded software & systems. Market leaders such as Cisco, HP, Alcatel, and Nokia Siemens rely on it for their mission-critical applications. 

UNICOM solidDB provides an ideal platform to build in-memory, real-time, enterprise applications that include universal caching. Compatibility enhancements make migrating applications to solidDB easy. Enhanced scalability and transparent failover with solidDB lowers overall total cost of ownership. Improvements in the latest release bring more reliability and faster performance to key OLTP workloads with the solidDB Universal Cache feature.


UNICOM solidDB Universal Cache Feature

UNICOM solidDB Universal Cache is the industry’s first relational, in-memory database caching feature that accelerates virtually all leading relational databases, increasing their performance up to ten times. It uses the familiar SQL language to enable applications to achieve tens of thousands of transactions per second with response times measured in microseconds. By combining the relational, in-memory data management capabilities of solidDB Universal Cache with the versatility of disk-based databases, applications benefit from the best of both worlds.

solid_hybrid.gifUNICOM solidDB Hybrid Server Architecture

Pure in-memory databases are fast, but strictly limited by the size of memory. Pure disk-based databases allow nearly unlimited amounts of storage, but their performance is dominated by disk access. Even if the computer has enough memory to store the entire database in memory buffers, database servers that are designed for disk-based tables can be slow because the data structures that are optimal for disk-based tables are far from being optimal for in-memory tables. The solidDB solution is to provide a single hybrid database server that contains two optimized engines inside it:

  • The main-memory engine (MME) is optimized for in-memory access.
  • The disk-based engine (DBE) is optimized for disk-based access.

Both engines coexist inside the same server process, and a single SQL statement can access data from both engines.


  • Extreme Speed: solidDB relies on relational, in-memory database technology to achieve throughput of tens of thousands of transactions per second with response times measured in microseconds.
  • Extreme availability: solidDB delivers extreme availability because it maintains two copies of the data synchronized at all times. In case of system failure, applications can recover access to solidDB in less than a second without loss of data.
  • Low cost: solidDB is easy to deploy and administer, with the ability to be embedded directly into applications and run virtually unattended for lower total cost-of-ownership.
  • Universal Caching: solidDB Universal Cache feature accelerates leading relational databases by caching performance critical data stored in these databases into solidDB Universal Cache.
  • Adaptability: solidDB is highly adaptable to meet a wide variety of different application and deployment needs. It provides powerful schema mapping and data transformation capabilities and scales both vertically and horizontally.
  • Robustness: solidDB Universal Cache feature preserves data durability by persisting data to disk using checkpointing and transaction logging. It also offers high availability and instant failover from one instance to another if deployed in a two-node, hot-standby configuration.